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Invitation letter of exhibition of art of painting and calligraphy of 2008 Guang

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Time: 226-28 day ground nodded 8 years in August: Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibit a center
Approve an unit: Guangdong visits office of collaboration of foreign trade economy
Sponsor an unit: Credential draws artist association in
Credential draws artistic newspaper in
Germany covers heart exhibition group especially more
Guangzhou is met limited company of 100 million exhibitions
[choice Guangzhou = chooses to succeed]

Guangzhou----South Chinese center city, border Hong Kong, Macao, it is the city that Chinese market economy developeds most, economic integration actual strength is located in front row of countrywide big city, the dweller is consumed and buy capacity strong
Guangzhou----Amount of foreign trade imports and exports ranks the whole nation 12 years continuously the first, it is China's most principal foreign trade port
Guangzhou painting and calligraphy is exhibited- - provide a fore-and-aft platform to postpone business, make its product or service purchase a plan with what international buys the home close together conformity rises, let join exhibit business and buy the home to be exhibited in on the meeting, not only can obtain respectively order and finish purchase a plan, can share the progress of the industry more.
Guangzhou painting and calligraphy is exhibited- - will gather together the 200 much ginseng postponing business that come from country and the area such as Hong Kong of Germany, United States, Korea, Japan, Nepalese, Australia and China, China, Macao, Taiwan are exhibited, exhibit an area report of angle of website of media of inside and outside of Yu Jiahai of the 8000 much;30 that make the same score rice.
Guangzhou is collected exhibit- - organized spot seminar, auction to be able to wait for multinomial activity, the union of a variety of forms makes be exhibited this can appear piece different before appearance
[exhibit a house to make first-rate exhibit first-rate meeting]
Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center is located in in the center of the city business affairs area. As the biggest as China exhibit Fair of —— China import and export merchandise (wide hand in meeting) road drifting a flower exhibits a house of one wall lie between. Communication is very easy, 2 lines exit is in the subway nearly very close. Can reach the urban district and circumjacent each district quickly. A few buses are nonstop exhibit a house, communication is very easy, stream of people is concentrated.
[first-rate shows time]
August is bead what trigonometry reachs HongKong and Macow is optimal purchase, the peak period that commerce negotiates, it is to join the first-rate that exhibit to show time.
[fruitful audience is organized]
1, the organizing committee will be used south the geographical advantage of Chinese center city and sponsor unit Germany Duotemengde exhibits a group to reach American network paralell connection to add up to domestic and international newspaper, broadcasting station, Internet in Europe the conduct propaganda outside strong to current exhibition condition and invite, the international that invites Europe and America, Hong Kong buys an organization, make international home professional personage and buy the home to assemble in, implementation communicates face-to-face, sufficient do not go abroad can get order, avoid however you leave the country of manpower financial capacity tired, reduce business affairs cost, it is better to ensure your product is faster directer development international market.
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