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Exhibition of science and technology of glass of 2007 Egypt international
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Exhibit meeting name: Exhibition of science and technology of glass of 2007 Egypt international Date stops since: 2007-11-29 arrives 2007-12-2 Exhibit meeting category: InternationallyExhibit meeting site: Egypt CaireContact: Liu bayConnect a telephone call: 020-87243881Fax: 020-87649802Email:,, Lyg19840131@163.comExhibit meeting specification: Sponsor an orgnaization: International shows a group - Egypt
China forms a delegation orgnaization: New exhibition of Guangzhou city rich serves limited company - China
One, the vitreous trade general situation of Egypt:
Egypt built the market gross of equipment and material to be 2.5 billion dollar 2004. As the development of estate and bldg. , grow quickly also to the demand of construction machinery equipment and material, according to estimation, year increase rate can be amounted to 20% . The housing materials that Egypt homeland can produce has rolled steel, cement, coating, glass, marble floor of brick of adornment, floor, wood, wholesome clean is provided etc. Entrance product requires pay 20% ~ the custom duty of 40% . Glass of and other places of Egypt and North Africa, middle east lights material petty gain formerly, sale price is high, manufacturing cost is low, profit is rich and generous. Demand of the glass on Egypt market is very big, chinese glass has the dark brown glass of sunshade action to accept consumer favour fully on Egypt market particularly.
3 years of 2003-2005, the vitreous product entrance of Egypt raises pound of 436 million Egypt (rose pound of 146 million Egypt, average and annual grow 17% ) ; Export increases pound of 285 million Egypt (rose pound of 168 million Egypt, average and annual grow 48% ) .
2, postpone meeting brief introduction
GLASS EGYPT will be held in Cairo Fair Ground, showpiece net area will be amounted to 10, 000 square metre. The major that the exhibition basically will face middle east, North Africa and South Asia buys the home to give out invite, invite an object to basically architect, contractor, property develops window of agency of a replacement of division of machinery of manufacturer of business, car, glass manufacturer, glass and fittings agency and supplier, engineer, polish, indoor stylist, car, door to decorate business to wait. Predict to will many 30 thousand professional personage that comes from the 20 many countries such as chief of a tribe of couplet of Algerian, Libyan, Moroccan, Tunisia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, sand spy, Syria, A, Sudan, Yemen enters look around.
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