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Er of German Du Sai is much 2008 exhibition of technology of husband internation
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Exhibit meeting name: Er of German Du Sai is much 2008 exhibition of technology of husband international glass Date stops since: 2008-10-21 arrives 2008-10-25 Exhibit meeting category: InternationallyExhibit meeting site: Many husband international exhibits German Du Saier centerContact: Mr LvConnect a telephone call: 010-85806847-805Fax: 010-65596860Email: Caitec88@163.comExhibit meeting specification: 1. exhibits content:
Vitreous product reachs manufacturing technology: Hollow household utensils makes facilities of treatment of complete set glass, glass equipment of refrigeration of model of machine, mould, glass;
Glass makes reach manufacturing facilities: Safe glass production, glass falls horn and the machine that grind an edge, glass is abrade carry with polishing machinery and equipment, glass, the production equipment such as lens of bulb, ophthalmic glass and machine;
Glass makes auxiliary equipment and tool: Vitreous industry measures equipment of instrument and measuring implement, control;
Product of modern building glass: Product of glass of transparent, adiabatic, insulation, vitreous laser technology;
Vitreous industry manufactures a technology;
2. postpones meeting brief introduction:
Glass of international of much husband of Du Sai Er exhibits Germany to be held first 1970, biennially, should be being exhibited is the scale on the world is the largest internationally vitreous exhibition, its refer the complete, measure of the wide, breed that extends range, exhibit in international glass on the first of all. Ginseng item on display is planted cover plate glass, light industrial deep treatment of glass, glass, fireproof material, mechanical, electric, accuse oneself, the relevant industry of the domain such as environmental protection. Glass exhibits Dusaierduofu as the dimensions on the world the largest glass trade is exhibited meeting, its characteristic depends on, it exhibits the innovatory level with this entire industry, and the internationalization rate that has height; Believe 2008 the also will show the ability that reflects trade of one's own profession and ingenuity adequately product on exhibition reachs processing technique.
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