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Dozenth a fair of trade of building materials of China International building
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Current exposition is the building building materials that promotes branch of industry of committee housing materials and Chinese building to decorate association to sponsor by commerce of association of industry of Chinese housing materials, China International kind grand meeting. This exposition holds 11 successfully already in Beijing. This exposition holds 11 successfully already in Beijing.. Dozenth a " of fair of trade of building materials of China International building in May 2007 10-13 day is held in Beijing exhibition. Sponsor unit and staff member of collectivity organizing committee to act on develop the business, wish that purchases business, building to designing institute stylist serves in the round and be recommended to exhibit an unit for each ginseng for enterprise of each building materials and estate close, long-term cooperation.
Join card of item on display to review:
APottery and porcelain defends bath establishment: Division strap, Dong Tao machine, Le Jiajie is provided, auspicious of course of study of porcelain of pottery and porcelain of Dongpeng pottery and porcelain, Hansigeya, Gao Yi, eagle card, 4 dimension, Hui Datao porcelain, Shanghai BKitchen kind: Course of study of Jia Mu of treasure of Bai Li, A Ernuo, division, Shan, Ou Lin, Yilaikesi, heart is compared fill, beautiful heart, Gaopate, Mengteli, Yalinai CWall of door window act kind: Assist be able to bear or endure with wooden industry, United States dark, family name of the first month of Jilin dark labour, Shanxi, beautiful gallop room of pattern of course of study of door of door window, Huo Man, Jinan, Shanghai installs foreign, Chang Demu Xuan Yuan of course of study, Shanghai, power need relax, DSpread ground material: Dragon of holy elephant floor, LG floor, 10 thousand treasure, have wild, big news, bridge act the role ofing, big, grand be able to bear or endure etc ENew-style building materials: Canaan of emperor of class of Lafaji, Ouwensikening, emperor dagger, Yingkerui, constant, Pabike, Degaotai Feng Hang FPaint coating: Coating of case of penguin of wind of Li Bangqi, Akesunuobeier, Aries paint, Europe, Nuo, god is colorful power, lacquer of red lion coating, Dou Fang, refined scholar
Current exhibition predicts to exhibit an area 40000 square metre. Congress organizing committee is summed up before all previous exhibit the experience of the meeting and homiletic hope and broad ginseng to exhibit an enterprise to give full cooperation will exhibit can have done, do big. We expect wide advise of all circles personage and proposal.
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