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Industry of Brazilian international glass was exhibited 2008
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Exhibit date: Showed a location to 10 days on May 8, 2008: ? of ケ B big and thick crosses the United States to exhibit a center to sponsor an unit: Commerce of economy of China Xin international finite liability company

Postpone meeting introduction:
Industry of glass of international of the 8th Brazil is exhibited is South America the biggest professional glass and vitreous tool technology are exhibited. Should exhibit can sponsor by company of VNU Business Media, biennially. It is the scale in latin america is the largest internationally vitreous exhibition, its refer the complete, measure of the wide, breed that extends range, exhibit in international glass on quite influential.
Vitreous technology exhibits Brazilian international to exhibit meeting content richly to reach the perfect service that postpone business, the development that is market of glass of America of the understanding that postpone business trend, technology reachs the optimal platform of information communication. In addition, the Chinese enterprise with a view to of great majority develops Europe and middle east market, to America especially South America is few mining more. Accordingly, attending this to exhibit will be Chinese enterprise opens the veil with mysterious South America and the optimal bridge that develop capacious and potential market.
Limits of item on display:
Vitreous product reachs manufacturing technology: Hollow household utensils makes facilities of treatment of complete set glass, glass equipment of refrigeration of model of machine, mould, glass;
Glass makes reach manufacturing facilities: Safe glass production, glass falls horn and the machine that grind an edge, glass is abrade carry with polishing machinery and equipment, glass, bulb production equipment;
Glass makes auxiliary equipment and tool: Vitreous industry measures equipment of instrument and measuring implement, control; Product of modern building glass: Product of glass of transparent, adiabatic, insulation, vitreous laser technology;
The government that my company regards this as the project always forms a delegation unit, will manage unit channel to apply for international market of “ medium and small businesses to develop capital ” to Department of Commerce to accord with conditional enterprise by budget of central one class, allowance joins those who postpone a business to exhibit an expense (standard of 9 square metre extends a subsidy 16500 yuan) .
Form a delegation unit: Commerce of economy of China Xin international is finite liability company
Project controller: Old Ren
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