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Research and development of new raw material of floor tile of wall of pottery an
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Lubricious makings is the raw material with floor tile of wall of manufacturing pottery and porcelain, stained glass and commonly used glass-ceramics. And oxidation chromium and ferric oxide are the part with manufacturing lubricious essential makings, its dosage is great. But all belong to industrial chemicals as a result of them, the price is high, oxidize especially chromic, cause lubricious makings to produce cost house not to fall high. To solve this one problem, the production that color of glass of pottery and porcelain of production of alloy of a kind of ferrochrome expects is new the technology was in a few days ago domestic research and development is successful.

This technology belongs to an innovation to invent achievement, broke the idiomatic craft that chromium of oxidation of continue to use and quality of ferric oxide production expect, there is new breakthrough on manufacturing technology. The plan that this technology place adopts is will chromic ferroalloy thick, finely to 1 ~ m of 100 / μ , by need alone or be like the burden such as copper of cobalt of manganese of zinc oxide, oxidation, oxidation, oxidation with other compound, in 900 ℃ ~ into kiln 1400 ℃ falls firing, cent of the carbon in eliminate alloy and other are metalloid foreign matter, synthesize the lubricious makings of different color artificially. Because this technology is to use chromic ferroalloy to replace costly oxidation cobalt and ferric oxide industrial chemicals,produce lubricious material, not only cost of lubricious makings production is reduced substantially, and the pollution that won't cause 6 price chromium, beneficial at environmental protection, its apply foreground very value.

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