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2007 exhibition of equipment of technology of Guangxi international glass
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Exhibit date: In August 2007 28- - place of 30 days of exhibitions: Summerly   sails Ji blames a? to sponsor an unit: Guangxi machinery engineering

2007 exhibition of equipment of technology of Guangxi international glass
Time: In August 28—30 day address: Nanning international exhibition center
Invitation letter
Support an unit: Does  of Jiao small box pour こ grapes Щ ?
Guangdong saves machinist Cheng to learn Hainan to save machinist Cheng to learn
Project of Hunan Province machinery learns Sichuan to save machinist Cheng to learn
Cheng learns Guizhou Province machinist " equipment makes a technology " editorial office
Limited company of travel of international trade of Guangxi Jin Lan
Sponsor an unit: Lot dice  pours こ grapes Щ
Undertake unit: Summerly  washs  of Xing Xun of Ti of  of hertz appraise avarice

Ginseng exhibit look around ask contact
Address: Dong Gelu of Guangxi Nanning city 18- - an A 1416 rooms postcode: 530022
Phone: (0771) 2284026 2284027 2284075
Fax: (0771) 2284027
Contact: Gu Hongchao 13877135502
Wide southwest is peaceful, be located in the copula of our country Hua Na, southwest and circle of southeast Asia economy, it is the important economy center with upper coastal bay, it is new rise big southwest goes to sea passageway hub city. Its are depended on face southeast, back big southwest, border the area of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province advantage, city of etc of coastal to Guangxi city is developing central town rely on action; To the economy austral Hua Naxi the circle is producing the join effect of hub city; Producing the open effect of city of Chinese forward position to southeast Asia each country. Guangxi is China exclusive with east the province area that there is terrestrial border on to have maritime channel again already between alliance, it is China is entered east the passageway with the most convenient alliance. Current, guangxi already was formed with east the stereo transportation network of alliance butt joint, preliminary play join China and east the hub action of alliance.
In July 2006, guangxi put forward compose to build China and east one axis of alliance “ the conception of new structure of collaboration of economy of region of both wings ” , be about to in the collaboration of economy of annulus north bay that jumps over two countries is outspread wait to the Malaysia that lies between sea facies adjacent, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippine, Brunei east allied country home, compose builds division of collaboration of economy of extensive north bay. In the meantime, put forward to be built in overland compose it is the corridor of economy of Nanning — Singapore that rely on with main road, expand passageway economy. Big Mekong of ” of area of collaboration of economy of bay of “ extensive north, “ ” of second area collaboration two board piece with ” of corridor of economy of Singapore of “ Nanning — one therein the axis was formed China and east one axis of alliance “ the new structure that economy of region of both wings ” cooperates.
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