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Organizing committee of exhibition of stone carving of international of black of
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Show time: On March 10, 2008 —12 day Time: March10-12, 2008 shows a location: Chinese small commodities city can exhibit a center / Chinese Zhejiang visits region of king of guest of justice black city 301 Venue: China Commodities City Exhibition Center (301 Bingwang Road, yiwu, zhejiang, p.R.China) approve an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China sponsors an unit: China is light industrial chamber of commerce of handicraft imports and exports organizes an unit: Shanghai today of limited company of ancient exhibition service writes exhibit medium orgnaization to support an unit: Zhejiang saves external Zhejiang of hall of economic commerce collaboration saves commerce of China of government of people of justice black city to promote committee Zhejiang to save branch market limits: Hold cycle internationally: Annual a predicting dimensions: Exhibit an area nearly 20000 square metre exhibit meeting tenet: “ promotes art of Chinese stone carving culture, make brand of sculpture industry international, drive commerce to clinch a deal, compose builds cooperative platform”Proposal: If you choose stone carving producing area to choose Qing Tian, Huian and music this world, if you choose the whole world to sell the market to choose ” of “ justice black! Exhibit meeting general situation: Reverse history of China's long stone carving art, in the endless flow of time, vulture and sculpture taste green field carved stone, music in relief stone carving and Hui Anshi to creating the artistic glamour with brilliant and boundless, bright change severally. The development of industry of culture of stone carving of have sth in mind, sculpture expands, we will pay attention to the inheritance of pair of stone carving culture and development more. China already made the world big country of production of timber of the first stone, sale and main export country, world of reserves of stone material resource the first. In recent years, export trade presents material of our country stone an impetus of high speed development, according to custom statistic, 2005, goods of material of stone of our country exit 6.908 million tons, value 2.06 billion dollar, compare respectively on year (similarly hereinafter) growth 17.7% with 34.5% , exit all valence 298.9 dollars / ton, rise 14.5% . Develop as high speed of our country economy, people is higher and higher to the requirement of life quality, urban landscape design and private a person of extraordinary powers are built curtilage increasing, a few indispensable important adornment. Handicraft of the carve that be like stone / the demand of rockery of landscape of work of the elephant such as artwork, character, animal stone carving, sculpture, man-made and artistic miniascape is added increasingly exhibit, let more and more people favour, use beautiful and fast stone material handicraft to reach collect. Municipal construction, life village construction, family is decorated or the need of all without exception such as the decoration has corresponding sculptural to taste the form a complete set that reachs recreational establishment. The communication platform that buys supplier of a direct contact and town planning branch, estate, individual and adornment to design an unit to provide the manufacturer of a home and global cause. By approval of Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China, china is light industrial chamber of commerce of handicraft imports and exports is sponsorred, shanghai today limited company of ancient exhibition service, write the “2008 that exhibits medium orgnaization to undertake jointly ” of exhibition of stone carving of international of black of first Chinese justice, sculpture and rockery, miniascape, it is start in order to hold this grand meeting, promote stone carving, sculpture energetically the traditional culture gem of this one the Chinese nation. Exhibit with this to drive, the product that is job of our country stone carving, sculpture infiltrated bridge and bond action reach since international market and industrialization development. Current exhibit the time of the meeting to be in surely annual of beginning of spring purchase fastigium, buy the home domestic and internationally to assemble in justice black order to purchase at the appointed time, upright again at “ China hand in meeting ” and “ wide hand in meeting ” between, no matter abroad buys the home and home,buy the home and commerce audience to timeline is visited exhibit meeting site. With annual spring “ justice hand in meeting ” to be held at the same time (also be the theme is exhibited one of) , make extend meeting scope bigger, purchase business and professional audience more gather, form the group effect of discharge of a kind of adult. Choice justice black exhibits the N of the meeting reason: In the whole world the biggest small commodities market, purchase business with supplier of 58 thousand China, 300 thousand whole world everyday 0 distances contact, create more clinching a deal opportunity. Justice black is located in commodity ocean shopping heaven Chinese Zhejiang is mid, gross area 1105 square kilometer. The with great concentration through several years is managed, justice black is developing gradually become the small commodities with the greatest whole world distributing center center, first what catch market of Chinese market trade 14 years continuously, have the market to manage an area 2.6 million square metre, distributor more than 58 thousand, the market gathered together 43 industries 400 thousand kinds of commodity, made giant group selling the home, discharge of day trade guest exceeds 300 thousand person-time, made a giant group that buy the home. The whole world fixes eyes upon international to purchase in justice black assemble domestic and international more than 4000 well-known company establishs total distribute, total representative here, permanent purchases a foreign trader to have many 8000, the company of the 200 many countries such as the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan, France, Brazil, middle east and area already established a branch in justice black, container of standard of sunrise mouth commodity 2500, exit reachs 212 countries and area. 20 powerful marine groups have the whole world 8 create agency in justice black. Professional domain whole world hits out stone carving of international of black of first Chinese justice, sculpture reachs “2008 ” of exhibition of rockery, miniascape, will the chance that Wu Xiaoshang of justice of have the aid of tastes platform of commerce of city whole world, make current exhibit the heat that can become international jobber to purchase not only, more important is to exhibit can sponsor just be in what the unit supports outside telling pass through the territory of a country to cooperate, the information outside strong condition is released and promotion faces the Mai Jiali outside drawing many border exhibit can purchase. Extend meeting advantage stone carving of international of black of first Chinese justice, sculpture reachs “2008 of 1 million businessmen ” of exhibition of rockery, miniascape, rely on the resource advantage of city of trade of justice black international, in exhibit justice black is used during the meeting 6 markets and 30 professional markets serve as branch field, with China justice black spring justice hand in meeting the corresponding period to hold, extend meeting scope concentration of baronial, commodity, breed is all ready! All land that buy the home to want to step justice black only, enter the small commodities with the greatest whole world to exhibit meeting site. 6
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