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Borrow wide hand in meeting east wind to make Asia-Pacific division the largest
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Forecast according to the expert, in the near future, the demand that the international market resides a product to the home will with average and annual 8.5% right-and-left rate rise, huge market needs to beg the development that promoted China to live in an industry greatly. Live in bitter fleabane break out of the industry to exhibit as China, "2008 Guangzhou exit lives in exposition " exported house of the country in be the enterprise provide a good international communication and export trade stage, the country in purchasing business for abroad resides a product to provide the idealest commerce platform. Sponsor square plan to use 3 years time general " 2008 Guangzhou exit lives in exposition " make Asia-Pacific division product of the largest household exports platform. Current exposition window is numerous, wonderful confused is shown, be worth to pay close attention to.

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