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The 3rd 2008 Guangzhou collect exposition and classic furniture
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2008The 3rd Guangzhou collects exposition

And classic furniture

Exhibition and antique artwork investment and collect exposition

Invitation letter

Time: 27-30 day ground nodded in November 2008: Guangzhou gymnasium exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: China International collects association Guangzhou city power roc exhibition limited company
Undertake unit: Guangzhou city power roc contact of exhibition limited company: Mr He13751741184
Assist do medium: " the world is collected " , " China folk-custom " , " collect a bound " , " collect wall bulletin " , " treasure of ancient bronze mirror " , " collect. Auction " , " China draws research " , " gallery " , " China art signs up for " , " Chinese artistic market " , " art and collect " , " fortune and collect " ;
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Respectable artwork and antique collect taste the operator, person that collect and lover:
First Guangzhou collects “ exposition and artwork investment and collect exposition ” to exhibited a center to fall successfully in Guangzhou gymnasium on November 26, 2006 next heavy curtain, this second collect exposition to share land of the home in coming from, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, southeast Asia and Euramerican ginseng of the 400 much home painting and calligraphy that wait for country and area, handicraft, person that collect is exhibited. Breed of item on display and amount all achieve calendar year most. Exhibit still can organize treasure of spot seminar, ancient bronze mirror meeting, special performance auctions the multinomial activity such as the meeting, the union of a variety of forms makes be exhibited this can appear piece different before appearance. The 3rd 2008 Guangzhou collect exposition and artwork investment and the principle that collect exposition to will hold to absorption, professional, monograph, the person that continue to be home of broad painting and calligraphy, painting and calligraphy to operator, artwork is managed and be collected, lover builds a communication to trade platform; Try hard to promote culture of the Chinese nation.
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