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Quyang fifth of businesses gathered in the Chinese Arts Festival sculpture
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October 18, with "the soul of urban culture sculpture highlighting the theme" Festival of China Quyang fifth sculpture carved in Quyang Plaza grand opening. On that day, more than 2,200 pieces of urban sculpture carving town Quyang debut, and 486 million contract with the domestic and foreign merchants.

Sculpture pieces of the country's 2200 debut Quyang

Sculpture festival this year by the People's Government of Baoding City, Hebei Province, the Office of housing construction, Hebei Province, jointly organized by Department of Culture, Quyang County People's Government, aims to develop sculpture and cultural industries, to create the country's largest sculpture of cultural industry bases, build communication, cooperation and win-win platform.
This is the largest Quyang carved works of art, the highest level of a centralized display. Opening day, Quyang 486 million contract with the domestic and foreign merchants. Sculpture in the country's first set of product development, demonstration, manufacturing, tourism as one of the Quyang sculpture museum, Quyang urban sculpture soon as he unveiled the results and sculptures, and even if tourists dazzle away.
October 18, from the country's 18 provinces more than 620 pieces of 2200 manufacturers unveiled urban sculpture carved Chinese Quyang fifth festival. Activities also include China, "Wang State Cup" Sculpture Contest Prize Presentation, start Hebei Sculpture "Quyang creative base."

National Quyang longer accept the "new business"

October 18, the Chinese ornamental Association to Quyang awarded the "Hometown of Chinese ornamental" title. It is the county following the "hometown of Chinese sculpture," after the second level card.
Quyang County in north China's largest producing ornamental stones and distribution center to rich Xuelang stone, Tanghe color as the main varieties of ornamental stone. Xuelang stone belongs to the "natural landscape stone," the stone is granite run firm texture, is a flush stone, have relatively large flat surface, texture, smooth lines, black and white stones on the color patterns seem simple and solemn, dignified deep, black persons, if earth, such as cliffs, snow snowy white person training class waterfalls.
It is understood that the activities of the 15-day period, the Festival will be held in Hebei Province, settled in Quyang unveiled Sculpture Association, set up the National League and the oath of sculptures, sculpture and cultural revitalization of industrial development Quyang senior adviser to employ, "Chinese hometown of Stones" Award, China's urban sculpture, Forum and other activities.

Quyang sculptures become an important element of urban landscape

Quyang Stone began in the Han, Xing Yu Tang, Sheng Yuan, more than 2000 years of history. In 1995, the State Council, Quyang named as the "hometown of Chinese carving."
In order to better meet the needs of urban construction, Quyang sculptures grow continuously train personnel, from R & D to production sales and formed a complete chain of cultural industries, urban sculpture has become a major category Quyang sculptures for more than 100 cities in 48 countries, making the 189 landmark sculptures.
Currently, there are carving business Tandian Quyang 2300 more than 10 million employees, annual output of 30 million, products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions.
Fine contemporary sculpture Quyang constant masterpiece after another. Representative works and works mainly with Tianjin Luan River to Tianjin Engineering monuments, historical figures, the Office of the Great Hall of Hebei relief, National Tsing Hua University Temple two wooden Japanese wrestlers like King Kong, the Summer Palace restoration project, Office of the President of Zaire construction project, large-scale relief hundred Long leisure and the Nine Dragon Wall, 108 meters reclining Buddha of Sanshui City, Guangdong, China Longwangshan Caves, Museum of Chinese History Gallery, "Shun farming" giant granite sculpture, Shandong Mengshan 217-meter giant eagle birthday, the Hebei provincial government gave the Macao sundial, Kowloon, SAR, Tsinghua University, Taiwan's People First Party Chairman James Soong to give miniature sundial, the Olympic Fuwa, the Olympic lanterns, the Olympic emblem of China and India, granite statues, "the starting point of victory", white marble statue of "Chairman Mao back on Jinggangshan", the domestic largest blue marbles "Riverside" and so on.
Today, the city Quyang sculptures in major cities around the world have already become an important symbol to enhance the taste of the city.

Five groups to promote the industrial development of sculpture

Quyang in the North China Plain west of Taihang Mountain, the town jurisdiction 4 14 townships, the total area of 1084.6 square kilometers, population 600,000. 90 kilometers north of provincial capital Shijiazhuang, 180 km south of the capital Beijing, in Central Beijing and Tianjin, the Bohai Sea economic circle. Jingkun high-speed, high-speed Paul Fu, Ting Lung Shuohuang railways and highways, like Beijing Road, Paul Fu Road, passing through, is to go to Shanxi Province to Inner Mongolia, the transport hub connecting one of the central and western regions.
Quyang carving town in China. Quyang carving originated in the Han, Tang and Xing Yu Sheng Yuan. Historically, Quyang sculpture created numerous masterpieces, created Qiong Yang, Liu & Poor governance, and many other famous sculpture. After the founding of new China, the capital of ten buildings, the People's Heroes Monument, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, a large stone sculpture, engineering, and Jinggangshan "the starting point of victory", etc., are shining bright Quyang sculpture art. Quyang engraving has been named as the hometown of China, the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art, the hometown of Chinese ornamental; Quyang stone, porcelain traditional firing techniques Quyang selected set of national intangible cultural heritage, Lu into the bridge, Chen Yan-Chong was awarded the National level intangible cultural heritage inheritors. This year in May, Quyang Stone, will be porcelain, clay on behalf of Hebei, Shanghai World Expo exhibition of folk art, setting up exhibition projects in Hebei Province, the largest number of exhibitors, most exhibitors, the largest booth of the "four best." This year in August, aims to create cultural industry demonstration counties in Hebei Province, the National Cultural Industry Demonstration Garden Sculpture "Sculpture Quyang Cultural Industry Promotion Plan (2011-2020)" by experts, the first Baoding, Hebei Province, the second home county planning official launch of the cultural industry.
Past two years, Quyang county government adhere to the industry, enriching the development of ideas, formulate preferential policies to strengthen sector management, extend the industrial chain, promoting the upgrading of traditional industries. This year, the Quyang county government focus on sculpture in the United 26 Hebei constant state enterprises founded on the basis of Sculpture Group Co., Ltd., has formed a new type of sculpture, landscape architecture, sculpture, traditional antique sculpture, large-scale sculptures, imitation of Western sculpture, five groups carving industry to promote the scale, intensive, industrial development. Currently, the county a total of more than 2,300 carved enterprises, employing 10 million people, the annual output value of 3.0 billion, the products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions. Quyang sculpture cultural industry has become the county set mining, design, processing, marketing, transportation, installation and enriching the people stand in one county industries.

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