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Network sale reachs conduct propaganda

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Above all, distinguish please promote the relation with sale.
The individual understands, alleged promote, it is the angle that stands in manufacturing business, the product that produces oneself sends a client before. And sale, it is to be based onThe client is oriented, supply need for the client, sexual price compares eligible product.
Chinese business circles, besides few number manufacturer, it is the enterprise that talks about sale without the qualification more. It is to be aptitude insufficient, a priori is insufficient, acquiredNot examine, so, talk about sale to belong to choose the wrong audience, do not say.

Next, is the website promoted what sense is there?
The website rises from network tide, the delegate of peremptory new economy, in the final analysis, deal of no more than of new old economy, into be more than go out to earn, piece be more than into with respect to compensate. Press convention, earn compensate than will be in 20: The horizontal stroke of 80 reachs an equilibrium on the line, now still is from inside moving toward orderly process without foreword.
The website is promoted, it is one is bought build commercial base, choose potential market share surely by the process.
Although the life is easy when move, the media with a few at present general blockhead and mouthpiece are right alleged discharge or user number quantifies a standard etc quite much censure, but, do not forget, the market that if company of a network goes repeatedly,is in is nonexistent, what to talk about to do buying and selling to make money again.
In view of numerous website from act blindly at the beginning, be a kick in one's gallop business plan is reincarnate, must make clear so, even if has been done promoteThe job, got discharge and user, because cannot offer right product, still want to go bankrupt likewise. Such mistake is congenital, do not discuss in the article.
Anyhow, the promoted share that can cause potential market successfully only is had and follow client crowd. Want to reach other article of last sale and gain to say again. Say so, promoting is a kind of behavior, and sale is a kind of strategy.

Thirdly, the website promotes basic piece:
1, the heart is decided. This is the primary quality requirement to promoting personnel. Most website promotes personnel literacy rate taller, self-righteous understanding is not little. It is the example of have grandiose aims but puny abilities more very. Always be specific issue

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