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[Graph] the 6 big beautiful passwords that unlock Chinese style decorates

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Build to have the environment occupying the home of Chinese style style, can abide by " 39 batches of hoisting jack " law: Door of paper-cut for window decoration piece, arhat bed, two chair one, the password of beauty of 6 old Chinese style such as chair, suitcase, a long narrow table, can take you to enter area of treasure of Chinese style style...

Password of Chinese style beauty one: Door of paper-cut for window decoration piece
Door of paper-cut for window decoration piece apply at off-the-peg space in, common gimmick has lie between, door window beautification reachs the adornment that occupy the home to wait for 3 kinds.
1 . Lie between: Generally speaking, area of contemporary the space that occupy the home is lesser, paper-cut for window decoration of wonderful fully empty Chinese style comparatives to serve as aptly separate the element between.
2. Door window beautification: Cooperate interior design, embed in certain door window door of Chinese style paper-cut for window decoration piece, because of its hollow out, know the character that show, do not affect daylighting not only, and more contemporary aluminous window comes so that Wen Run has a feeling, achieve the result of door window beautification.
3. Reside an adornment: More and more stylist uses door of ancient paper-cut for window decoration piece will regard the illuminative that occupy the home as material.

Password of Chinese style beauty 2: Chair
Chinese style sits chair sort is various, have different use situation because of its modelling, the characteristic of Chinese style furniture depends on adjust measures to local conditions, with apply a space to agree adequately.
Password of Chinese style beauty 3: Suitcase
As the changes of social culture, a lot of circulating that the Chinese style furniture that come down has lost original use function, but the beauty of Chinese style furniture still is worth,apply in contemporary space.

Password of Chinese style beauty 4: A long narrow table
"" form make long and narrow, "Case " hired thug shrinks it is below face plate, suit to rely on a wall and stand place buy, putting flower, artwork, commonly used small home appliance is right combination.
Password of Chinese style beauty 5: Two chair one
Alleged two chair one, be opposite namely a piece of tea table is set among chair, as to the collocation of chair and tea table, can match according to freedom of each one be fond of, let a space more show elegance address, extraordinary.
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