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Style of new Chinese style decorates 3 great attentions to have a consideration

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Brief content: Those who let the life is practical get satisfaction at the same time with the pursuit to old buddhist charm: Below light lamplight, the archaize furniture that has something made to order meticulously and deserve to act the role of, the wallpaper of sofa wall yellow is as linear as what suckle white a sofa is collective answer and the move is red move with yellow mass-tone. Dining-room and sitting room differentiate in the space on the false or true that introduced buddhist idea is united in wedlock, the smooth vague impression that if if not have,have,the design that artistic glass cuts off gives fully.

Use " new Chinese style " adornment style, you should know well to traditional culture not only ripe at the heart, and should understand interior design somewhat, can allow both each shining more brilliantly in the other's company even. The adornment gimmick of style of some Chinese style and adorn article cannot use in disorder, can bring otherwise live those who go up is unwell, meet even make a laughingstock of oneself before experts.

1. is not element restoring ancient ways simple load one's writing with fancy phrases
The outfit restoring ancient ways that new Chinese style is decorated is not traditional culture repair, blend in classic element in decorating a style contemporarily however. It is not " 1 = of 1 + 2 " simple load one's writing with fancy phrases, however stylist basis experience, control after the ability that designs an element and the deepness to confronts owner are analysed, a when reach " quantity body is custom-built " plan.

2. undertakes survey to dimensional colour
Chinese style furniture and act the role of taste or color is deeper, or very gorgeous, you need to undertake survey to integral colour of the space when arranging them.
Additional, chinese style decorates cultured is " former juice raw ingredient " the collocation with very natural harmony. If be simple only,put, the effect of its later period will sell at a discount greatly. The colour that decorate can be used commonly brown, this kind of facial expression is special of primitive simplicity, natural, but if the building is whole and tonal,be brown, can give a person depressive sense, it is quite important also that so the design of lamplight adjusts.

3. puts traditional goods not " confuse one thing with another "
On the annatto table that sees elegance of some friend home, put a mottled big tub to make fruit basket. Seeing that tub carefully is to use what wash clothes or bathe to the child, how can go up mensal. When accordingly you are using these traditional implements, must note its use before.

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