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The lukewarm soft boudoir that classic lasting appeal enjoys life emotional appe

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Modern life has the boudoir on complete meaning impossibly, but the bed of traditional graceful and restrained is tasted still have distinctive charm

In cold winter, warm bedroom is to put down the missish, optimal place that collects warmth. And the bed that regards a bedroom as leading role, the artwork that since lives is OK what communicate and enjoy life emotional appeal is lukewarm soft ground. In archaic house, the bedroom is the place with maximum time of expenses of lifetime of a woman absolutely. Although modern life has the boudoir on complete meaning impossibly, but the bed of traditional graceful and restrained is tasted do not affect modern to go after a kind of vogue and practical the individual character that have both.

■ the connotation of the bed

Unscramble traditional window to communicate temperament of graceful and restrained

Keyword: Hollow out, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, emotional appeal

Hollow out carve patterns or designs on woodwork is the commonnest element on bed of classic Chinese style. Grid of the ornament of carve patterns or designs on woodwork that detail is in, hollow out often becomes classic bed to taste send out the window of emotional appeal. Current Beijing market, chinese style bed as before very popular, through doing old classic and gules bed and the red that have Chinese interest or bright yellow embroidery intentionally the bed tastes photograph union, appear ancient flavour is dye-in-the-wood.

Keyword: Curtain of multicoloured, bed, warm bed curtain is another kind of article that increases emotional appeal. In the gauze curtain that place oneself sways, often can make a person temporary cast cold winter all outdoor. According to independent stylist old flourish introduces, the neutral of bed curtain is tonal it is to build relaxed, exclusive the good choice of the atmosphere that occupy the home, because of bed curtain not only having the dustproof, effect that blocks wind, heat preservation, it is the ace of atmosphere of foil bedroom romance more.

The bed curtain of instantly popularity is usable silks and satins, brocade, moire silken reach the high-grade fabrics such as tabby silk, useful also pure cotton cloth is made, not much expenditure can increase romantic and refined emotional appeal for the bedroom. Of course, such bed tastes best attention and circumjacent colour, lamplight and simple sense to mediate. The chair with ancient dye-in-the-wood flavour, small-sized dresser, produce the result that differs with night by day through detail. This kind of design that blends in contemporary gimmick and innovation can give modern another enjoy.

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