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Screen: δ Pie cut down basketry? material qualitative hasten is gentle [graph]

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On June 5, 2008 10:06 origin: Guangzhou daily

Screen is built piece " lie between and do not leave " the effect.

Screen history is long, use is extensive, the ancients all through the ages is useful the privacy of screen keep out, tradition that holds back evil spirit gas. Arrived contemporary, the action of screen is developed by more effective ground, make the excellent stage property of blemish of removed space, keep out space and beautification bedroom. Use screen appropriately, can allow the home more fully, have culture lasting appeal more.

Civil / Zhang Qin of graph reporter Li Chunxian's reporter

Screen little file

The historical long-standing of screen, be in early trader week period, screen has appeared in family of a few nobles.

The making form of screen is varied, basically vertical screen, fold type screen waits. Clear generation appeared to serve as the table plaque of the decoration purely later, its delicate and exquisite, be full of gout. Olden, the screen of emir noble is made very exquisite, material has micaceous, crystal, coloured glaze to wait, in enchase craft to go up to apply the valuable such as ivory, jade, enamel, halcyon, bullion. Pole of it may be said is used up costly. However, civilian screen is made advocate mostly practical and simple.

Classic screen be in harmony sex of practical, appreciation at an organic whole, already aesthetic value has economic value again. Its aesthetic value appears to go up in the craft skill of screen oneself besides body, return body to show to make the poem that draw a title gift on screen in civil people it is aesthetic value. So, modern buys classic screen, since to decorate a family besides, also be for its collect value appreciates with what have latent capacity.

   Classic screen: Blend in embroidery more a ghost show its presence or power is beautiful

Traditional screen loves all the time by the Chinese, but in a contemporary family, if not be of style of traditional Chinese style,decorate, the classic screen that furnishs a tradition appears a little antipathetic. Somebody blends in the Suzhou embroidery that having long history culture, Hunan embroidery in screen, make Chinese style screen has the lasting appeal of traditional culture already, appear more clever again beautiful, can reflect the artistic value that gives it more -- riches and honour, elegance.

Be in world of old village flowers, the reporter saw screen of a kind of Hunan embroidery, grow the introduction according to inn, the form of double-faced embroidery screen is very much, basically have vertical screen, fold type screen, measurement standards is very much also. Double-faced embroidery screen gives a person luxuriant, refined sense, the design with the various depict on screen, below a dab hand of craftsman, fish of bug of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, character waits lifelike. Craft of the timber that the price chooses because of answering, carven, size discrepant. The petty gain of manual embroidery thousands of yuan, the casing outside red sandalwood wood, inside the manual work that sets a Great Master crosses 10 thousand yuan at least. Also can use machine embroider of course, price of this kind of screen only a few yuan.

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