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Woodiness acts the role of a natural carve

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Doctrine of the five elements thinks, of Mu Naimo content this, wood is had " downy, grow, beneficent " image.

And the environmental protection material that serves as the formerest zoology is qualitative, wood is having the grain that makes through chiliad evolution and adjacent and natural essence, then somebody regards wood as the delegate of natural spirit in human idea species. The old capable person with these natural out always gives wood, cane the person character a kind of clean, pure and fresh cozy feeling, accordingly, no matter be ligneous furniture or the woodiness that carve and become are acted the role of,taste, always get the favour of a lot of consumer.

   All through the ages of real wood furniture suffers bestow favor on

Cardinal principle of history of furniture of high grade wood can differentiate for 3 phase: It is bright metaphase comes at the beginning of Ming Moqing, the great majority that use material is the chrysanthemum pear with beautiful modelling; It is wood of wing of force of red sandalwood, iron, chicken, ebony to wait next; 2 it is clear metaphase before, furniture of tonal and dark red sandalwood wood is popular, above the furniture of two period is China the mature delegate on furniture history; 3 it is clear metaphase hind, as lumber origin dried up, just use quality of a material relatively second annatto, conventional furniture of China be regardinged as is downfallen the delegate of period.

In furniture estate development, woodiness furniture holds decisive position, show according to relevant data, there is nearly 80% to be woodiness furniture in furniture product.

   Exceed real wood floor welcome

At present wooden floor market has real wood popularly floor, aggrandizement wood floor and exceed a few big sort such as real wood floor. Real wood floor is done hard at ordinary times, poor to the wear of damp environment and sunshine illuminate, allow changeful form and craze, the difficult problem that at the same time log material supplies makes the price of real wood floor is climbed successively litre; Aggrandizement wood floor lacks the simple sense of natural log. In recent years, one cultivates kind of made copy fact wood with hardwood compound wood floor is wide welcome, their price is relatively low, the drying shrinkage that overcame lumber already is wet go up problem, solved music of real wood Yi Qiao to be out of shape again not the problem of wear-resisting.

   Ambry restoring ancient ways is revealed savour

"Live in the kitchen " it is the household catchword with the modernest instantly, in new classic wind lead, the woodiness ambry that restore ancient ways returned popular orbit to go up afresh. Woodiness ambry pledges from material go up to be able to be divided again mix for wood of cherry wood, black oak, Walnut, birch, Ju the real wood such as Qu Liu is qualitative, choose an appropriate woodiness ambry to become the important element that reveals master grade. Be accepted by more and more person place as the lifestyle of match well of Chinese and Western, woodiness whole ambry became shopping option of first-rate of the upper circles in the society.

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