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With when the Chinese style furniture that all takes is classic and beautiful pe

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Do not need doubt, new Chinese style is with when the product that all takes, what rely on contemporary furniture already is contracted, yearn for again when the flavour of grandmother home, give furniture of new Chinese style be pregnant with giant vacuum. Chinese style furniture often draw materials at nature, be like lumber, stone, especially lumber, from ancient be guileless of Chinese style style up to now is indicative. Use often of bright color, glass, stainless steel and real wood, petrosal matchs appropriately, make adornment effect of whole has intelligence more, let classic beautiful and penetrable years, the live scene beside us gives birth to hover sweet.

Sitting room:
Grabbing an eye to deserve to act the role of desalt dignified sitting room is the window that shows household color. The sitting room of style of new Chinese style does not go after carved beams and painted rafters, wall but 4 white be born, need not cross much adornment. As suitable as classicism is lamp of 3 people chair, ground, pottery and porcelain, walnut window lattice. Other furniture, wait like interval of sofa, tea table, can continue " extremely brief creed " road, benefit coloring colour is bright-coloured at the same time gadgety, adjust a space to give oppressive sense of the person, the whole of desalt dignified feels. Additional, in sitting room buy the calligraphy calligraphy of bold of path of a pen can make bedroom case increases acme of elegant, lasting appeal, make originally narrow space appears atmosphere, open.

Archaize furniture interest is full the adornment element that will explain classic Chinese style with contemporary gimmick, of Chinese style style antique join with nature of stylish simple simple but elegant, what live in order to let is practical get satisfaction at the same time with the pursuit to old buddhist charm: Below light lamplight, the archaize furniture that has something made to order meticulously and deserve to act the role of, the wallpaper of sofa wall yellow is as linear as what suckle white a sofa is collective answer and the move is red move with yellow mass-tone. Dining-room and sitting room differentiate in the space on the false or true that introduced buddhist idea is united in wedlock, the smooth vague impression that if if not have,have,the design that artistic glass cuts off gives fully.


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