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The definition of network sale
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"Network sale is a component of strategy of enterprise whole sale, to realize an enterprise place of overall management objective undertakes, it is with Internet basicThe method builds what the environment manages on the net all sorts of activities. " this is " network sale foundation and practice " (Feng Ying Jian writes Tsinghua university press 2002 1Month the 1st edition) in the definition to network sale, be cited extensively by all sorts of network sale teaching material and network sale paper.

The synonym of concept of sale of   network includes: Be on sale of the sale on the net, Internet sale, online sale, network. What these vocabularies say is to be the same asA meaning, say generally, network sale is the sale activity that develops for main measure with Internet.

Sale of   network has very strong practicality feature, discover the common method of network sale and law from inside practice, have more than discussing emptily theoreticallyReal significance. Accordingly, how defining network sale is not the most important actually, the key is the real significance that should understand network sale and purpose, alsoKnow Internet adequately namely this kind of new sale environment, use all sorts of Internet tools to provide active support for company sale activity. This also is to beWhat must value network sale in network sale research the reason of practical method.

The function of network sale

Be in " network sale foundation and practice " (Tsinghua university press, in Feburary 2002 the 1st edition) in the idea that advances network sale function for the first time, andAnd the function reduce network sale 8 respects: Brand of website promotion, network, information is released, concern of online survey, customer, client serves, sale channel, sale is promoted. The intention that the function of network sale indicated network sale not only and the main content that network sale works, at the same time alsoIt is OK to showed network sale place the effect of implementation, conduce to the value that understands network sale in the round and network battalion to the understanding of network sale functionSold content system, because this author considers as a network the function of sale,be one of theoretical foundations of network sale.

[8 basic function introduce network sale in detail]

Brand of   network. One of main tasks of network sale are built on Internet namely and popularize the brand of the enterprise, the brand below the net of well-known company but
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