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As company online project start formally, recently since a period, a lot of network companies that cannot get profit in new economy domain in successionCast eye to the traditional business that those will get online, meanwhile, the company that pursues company online service all the time faces huge market space andIncreasingly intense competition is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, then all sorts of " company online solution " contest elephant comes on stage, have so-called 100 yuan build a website, have offerSelf-help proposes station plan, still have all sorts of so called " first selection plan " .

Face so numerous " solution " , people should ask not only, can these plan satisfy the need that the enterprise gets online really? The enterprise gets onlineWhat goal should achieve after all?

See a real story first. Be in in the talk with some company manager, speak of online thing, I want to understand them to whether get online, and the circumstance such as website management effect, the manager tells me very proudly: Our company had gotten online! I ask about their network address, his answerMore let me feel accident, "On us is medium trade net " ! Original, this company registers the free member of net of the trade in be, have consequently free2 grade domain name and free enterprise homepage -- the enterprise that this is his place understanding gets online. And imprinting awesomely on the calling card of this company manager, email:!

Look to be fried to get platform of fervent 8848 electrons business affairs by media recently again. In moment of B2C mode white-headed white-headed, net of famous 8848 electrons business affairsThe station is the typical delegate of Chinese electron business affairs all the time, turn when venture capital investment and when favour B2B, rolled out the electronic business affairs of comprehensive B2B at once againPlatform, there is coverage recently, "Platform of 8848 electrons business affairs is regarded as promotion of plan of first selection of company online project by the Fujian Province. Look, 8848 have greatlyIn industry online wave again the boldness of vision of show one's skill. But actually, no matter be the store on the net of 8848, still be businessman business center, it seems that notCan call the comprehensive solution that the enterprise gets online, because the enterprise enters no more than of the store on the net,be one can be in platform of 8848 electrons business affairs builds butWait for the shop on service network with offerring a net to go up to pay and deserve to send just, and businessman business center just offerred a few enterprises to release and information of inquiry supply and demand
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