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Manufacturing industry: How the sale network that compose builds you?
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-- sermon of Guangzhou of Yang Dongwen of general manager of sale of the China that achieve dimension

Background analysis

Above all I will explain the sale background that at present manufacturing industry is faced with. The enterprise is faced with what kind of live environment? 1 . The product is superfluous. It is with color television industry exemple, every produce per year a quantity to be 45 million, and sale has 30 million only. That is to say, significant demand is at present insufficient, in us this industry appears highlight particularly. 2. Small profit period. Now, the average profit margin of color television industry is under 5 % . 3. Market otherness is too big. China has the domain area of kilometer of 9.6 million square, be equivalent to domain area of Europe, the otherness of area of thing north and south is very big, more outstanding than Europe even. Cite a small case, we achieved dimension group to roll out " illusive series " , sell very well in Guangdong, but northeastern sell very poorly however. The truth is very simple -- the hobby is different. The enterprise is in the personalized consumption age with this differentia old opposite sex, how will preserve oneness and scope, it is a big difficult problem. 4. Coessential spend a period. Alleged and coessential change, that is to say, basically the thing other people that you think of thought of. E.g. the product, you are done very hard get unique, of course others also is not done. Wait a moment like sale, resource, management, technology again, also be to be in a kind coessential spend a period. 5. Social environment is harsh. This is not the government sector that atttacking us, change a course in management really however in, encountered a lot of bewilderment. E.g. supervisory bureau of the industrial and commercial examination, examination of duty Wu, technology supervise, influence of local protectionism, intermediary, appear what still have public relations crisis ceaselessly etc.

Him recognize live this

What does the enterprise rely on to live after all? According to experience of this year and summary, I think, by big worldwide will look to fulfil our China again, we should pay attention to social division of labor, and cannot for integrity of a so called nation. Because economy is very clear, it needs social division of labor. E.g. , we are impossible to do the software research of Microsoft, do the chip research of Intel impossibly also. Premier Zhu 镕ji once had said, if our China goes making Boeing the plane still is inferior to buy Boeing plane of the United States. Namely so a truth. So, what does the enterprise rely on to live? I think to have so 3 kinds of means:

1 . Resource and technology

Resource is controlled, we cite a simple case. There is a company that produces coconut milk in Hainan, very famous, but if be in Beijing to produce coconut milk, that is absolutely comparative be in the enterprise of Hainan nevertheless, this is the control of a kind of resource. Still be like the resource such as mineral products, gold. The technology is banner, for instance Boeing, Microsoft, Intel, Suo Ni have crucial technology, of our home in officinal factory has ancestral secret recipe, this is the product that we say makes the world.
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