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New product popularizes failure, whose fault?
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Enterprise of some city A ranks course of study of one's own profession all the time in 90 time end the first. 3 years since, as the ceaseless aggravate that the market competes, competitor to enlarge market share, use cost dominant position, undertake low dumping ceaselessly in the market, the market share of A company product drops ceaselessly, the space with second line brand is less and less, have the possibility that is surmounted even, be opposite directly the leadership position of A company product constituted menace. Then industry leader layer begins again and again to sit a meeting, seek the way of thrash out. The author has favour and staff of department of this business market to had been contacted, know a few inside story of A company. Go all out in market a gleam of as reduce old market staff, I talk about the success or failure that A enterprise runs and gain and loss from my angle, make reference for everybody, avoid everybody to take roundabout way less in real work, the enterprise high speed that assures a service, healthy progress.

One, the market crisis that A enterprise faces

A enterprise is in an industry to basically produce manufacturer to have 5, the dominant product of A enterprise as a result of good quality and advanced technology, maintain the market to have the number one place that leads the first all the time, this dominant product also is the fountainhead of A company profit. This kind of phenomenon of a market is in forestall of a product at present China is very common. But the aggravation as economic environment, the competitor is retain competition ability, undertake low dumping to the market, market of malign race to control. A enterprise lives to protect market position, also begin to depreciate, but the price is original very transparent product can no more depreciate, then, a enterprise is ceaseless roll out new product, want to use technical dominant position new and occupational new round market. Can come down two years, be pushed taste newly end in failure entirely however.

Actually, the scientific research force of A enterprise is very abundant, equipment also is imported from abroad entirely, product quality is more above criticism, but new product also succeeds without promotion. And old product competes as the market aggravate, access price gradually transparent, agency profit drops, the product loses energy, agency cries of discontent rise all round, the market inanimate, face unprecedented crisis. At this moment, my classmate (hold a post to sell a ministry at A enterprise) call to me, he talked to me what at present promotion of A company new product is faced with is disconcerted besides. We see A company new product popularize flow and method above all:

Advance product idea by each agency, sign up for headquarters research next, scientific research branch is handed in to undertake developing after examine and verify of headquarters market department is passed. After the product is formed, place goods on trial sale has in countrywide part area, if sale status is better, allot product tariff, inform the whole nation agency undertakes goods is sold declaring. After countrywide each agency receives an announcement, the organization signs up for goods, after goods is sent, each agency organizes promotion.
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