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Celestial being swims: Does emperor swing of Ping of of pump of a huge legenda
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A few days ago, travelling merchant of a batch of Taiwan swims in celestial being below city of the craft below dam of garrison post of head of a list of names posted up " celestial being is made " order, ask the quality standard that manufacturer publishs first according to this county is produced. This mark is worn in annatto classic furniture industry produces formulate of standard of technological process quality to go up, celestial being swims the county already went in with " revive make " , " wide make " and " Beijing is made " famed Jiangsu, Guangdong and thereinbefore of Beijing and other places.
In recent years, celestial being swims the county is made actively " celestial being is made " annatto is classic furniture brand, head of a list of names posted up of on investment 100 million yuan of construction " celestial being is made " He Fengting of craft garden area " celestial being is made " content sheds a center. Current, entire county has a state class, provincial " celestial being is made " civilian craft Great Master 30 much person, technology company many 3000, from personnel of course of study 6000 much person, a batch of woodcarving, classic furniture produces emerge in large numbers professional town, professional village, professional market, year achieve production value many yuan 20, the product is popular stage HongKong and Macow and southeast Asia, Euramerican and other places. But because the country still does not have annatto,classic furniture industry produces standard of technological process quality, the influence already included complete province " 915 " the celestial being that industrial group development plans makes annatto classic furniture is contended for achieve famous brand and can develop continuously.
Make classic furniture to make celestial being further " golden fascia " , this county organizes city, county to pledge inspect branch quality standardizes personnel since the beginning of the year, dam of head of thorough a list of names posted up issues survey of classic furniture city, guidance establishs product standard, solve classic furniture craft not to have mark difficult problem; Hold " celestial being is made " seminar of standard of archaize family property, invite the province such as Guangdong, Zhejiang the sectional staff such as trade of proprietor of an enterprise of more than 100 division of classic furniture technology, dimensions and qualitative check, classics, the index such as requirement of qualitative to condition of technology of classic furniture production, raw material material, artistic value, wholesome condition, craft undertakes be proved adequately and be limittinged, take the lead in establishing standard of a science, distinctive classic furniture industry in the whole nation. Job of sex of this one foundation is finished, will advantageous rise " celestial being is made " product grade, famous spend and market competition ability.

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