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Network advertisement: Illuminate into reality when the dream
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In March 1997, IBM and Intel combination are in is overhand advertisement of network of the first commerciality of Chinese, number of count on one's fingers comes, networkAdvertisement had taken 10 year full in China. 10 years, chinese netizen amount from 620 thousand jumped 144 million present, chinese network battalionSold market dimensions to also go to 6.5 billion yuan of 2006 from 0 development. And forecast according to what actual strength travels, to 2009, internet will be jumped house become ChinaThe 3rd big media, the amount of its advertisement income will is more than magazine, outdoors the summation with broadcast advertisement income.
Will 10 years last as Chinese Internet high-speed grows, network advertisement has become the pattern of pillar sex trade of Chinese Internet industry. From this
For the dot, 10 this years the history should be worth network advertisement to we review and commemorate. Although network advertisement has history of 10 years, but we notice to thisIn the ascendant industrial exploration just still begins, innovating in this burgeoning domain is normal, new network media and expressional manner layer go boundless, have tremendous development latent capacity.
10 years past, in regarding Internet as economy all the time the network advertisement with one of the most important trade pattern, still be each big door website is current
Stabilize one of income. Without big setback and billows, in the pattern time that grows to its gradually in a flourishing big environment.
Nowadays, network advertisement develops at full speed in China, connect " QQ " father Ma Huateng is right also this market covet 3 feet. Tecent company is formal in April
Release its brand-new be called " big ring, big impact " brand strategy, meaning gather together in what take a network seriously force, consequence and creativity to the uservalue. Ma Huateng is squeezed into China in Tecent after 3 big doors, put forward " consequence " industry of this one media is peculiar concept, meaning in be covetous on 2007Exceed market of 6 billion yuan Chinese network advertisement.
The sina that at present network advertisement portion is occupied before the market 3 mostly, Sohu, Netease is held, the advertisement of professional and perpendicular website also is by celestial pole net
Wait for the website of before ranking 3 to divide up, the website after a few places lean can be divided only very one cannikin a thick soup. After Tecent strategy upgrades, as " Chinese dischargeThe Chinese portal website of one " , undoubted meeting has enough competition ability and sina, Sohu, Netease to contend for feed network advertisement market, network advertisement will be become vacate
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