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6 kinds of household are undesirable and geomantic
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Yin and yang is harmonic, it is the path of heaven and earth. A lot of people are afraid however nevertheless fear oneself residence can " block back " , domiciliary after all atmosphere is weird, have undesirable effect to psychology and health. After all what kind of pattern may destroy this world in the home to enrage?

Air stops
The window is very few, perhaps add outfit is overmuch the house of wave board, a window with iron grating, ventilated and undesirable, the air current of dirty defilement is not easy eduction, seem get enmeshed in a web of one's own spinning. As time passes, can form evil shade spirit of course, wait for in such space long, body and mind can be damaged.

Convection too flourishing
Air convection too flourishing, indoor having wind all the time also is defect. Wind from front door OK and direct fill arrives postern, similar " hallway evil spirit " pattern, will take away in relief gas, those who create magnetic field is flabby. The feeling that the person lives inside to take shelter from rain without block wind, the mood is not stabilized easily, without safe feeling.

Long and narrow pattern
The house of long and narrow pattern, because among be lain between to be a lot of spaces by the area, have wall block the way everywhere, make air convection poor, inanimate. Because sunshine cannot shine equably,also lie between to every, dark corner may get stuck bad thing.

The plant is too much
Although the plant such as bamboo driving movement, evergreen has carry to take the function of money, most nevertheless plant still is to belong to " shade " , if grow too much vegetable,be in in the space, not be a favour.

Climb cirrus to delay
Climb a cane kind plant, can be on geomantic layout greatly no-no, because climb a cane kind the plant must be admired bilk more damp ability to live, indoor and absolutely do not suit to cultivate. Some buildings exterior also is obscured by cirrus, look in geomantic angle, quite ill-fated auspicious.

Sunshine is insufficient
Sunshine accumulate the gas that contain this world, too too dark house nature became little in relief gas, and dark bring about moisture, moisture gives birth to a bacterium easily, bad dirty breath gathers, the respect of person body health that lives inside is incidental problem.

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