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Make the household that aids your career to rise step by step geomantic
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5 carry curtilage flourishing, just meet benefit at the career, can put pair of kylin in the home commonly, can make the home carries so flourishing, ju Qilin not only flourishing money also is benefit at sending child, modern controls muscularity and other account, the person photograph contrast of infecund or late pregnant is more, and the carry force that sets kylin to be able to strengthen this respect, outside face of kylin head appropriate.
6 to be in business person or the person that take up a political career, open a door can the establishment inside house can take in everything in a glance person, to abstain from greatly, consistent eye sees table, bedroom person, all be adverse, represent peek of easy humanness place, lose money easily, lose an official, rong Hua is difficult long.
7 in living process, if live the building is right the appearance that has break ground, representing have easily adverse, wait to the career have damage, kylin can be placed in corresponding position.

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