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The Jian Yafeng of one integrated mass of element of Chinese and Western model
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Today's goodwife is foreign child what read in the university is artistic, and what husband is engaged in also is the industry related to art, so very sensitive to design, beautiful, space, the wind small cloud that she likes bright type furniture already is weak, also have deep love for the concise grace that the Italy such as Natuzzi designs, then the big HOUSE of a 300 square metre is inside time of a year, the thing bit by bit that is used to like by her slowly cram, the Jian Yafeng that presents an one integrated mass of element of Chinese and Western model come.
Elegant room archives
Area: 300 square metre
Door model: 4 villa
Charge: 200 thousand yuan (the foundation is decorated)
Master archives
Master: Foreign child
Hobby: Journey, film, shop, see art exhibition
Result: The thing that likes oneself is built together, general won't go out of form.

Hold love concurrently sofa of Western-style design olfactory

Foreign child professional preference is again in the home got reflecting. The furniture with the excellent design such as Natuzzi, enjoyable space is her love most. Had not placed the ocean that will want what style after all when hard outfit is finished child, in the ground rambles the discovery in furniture city, he is returned to contracted style is so have deep love for, then a furniture so was moved. That piece of famous red sofa became enjoyable space advocate lie the scenery of li of the brightest look, and the tableware of Alessi, tea service criterion gives off light in Yi of the Yi on eat stage... " good design is to be worth to spend money to buy most. " this silvers coin namely child concept, of course, also every little bit reflects the home in her in.

Love shop of Chinese style cultural relic to clean out carpet most

Foreign child have most in the home " occupational disease " olfactory element is the carpet that those nowhere are absent. The crane that 2 sitting rooms are laying sapphire blue color Lu Tongchun design, the bedroom became peony, room of subterranean image sound still has to grow long palindrome design carpet, in addition, painting and calligraphy of chess of Chao Feng, musical instrument waits the lark in study, footpath a moment, without the traditional lines appearance that is not ancestor. Look to be distinguished without what suddenly, ask about connections but not small: That can be the antique that the family buys from cultural relic shop!
Foreign child the benefit that speaks of antique carpet dashs along: A good carpet need time is enough, article be on intimate terms, without blemish, texture close, material pledges expensive, the most important is natural methodological be contaminated. Compare with chemical method, natural the carpet color that catchs can use more beautiful more, very accord with ocean child " outfit is new as usual " principle. Foreign child the rug that the carpet with the deepest impression is the 3 smooth rice square that catch with mineral dye together, its value 1 million! And now already nobody knows this technique, the money that connects dye is insufficient.
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