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No matter be,keep Bai Gengtian ancient musical sound appropriately advocate lie, the guest lies still is a study, do not have more furniture and multifarious functional area, saying with its is a room, be inferior to saying its are a recreational area. Place in blank place only for read or chatting the use an old-fashioned wooden armchair of confabulate is mixed desk, the elegance of archaic bookman lives immediately very closely associated with each other. If desk of tie-in and delicate carve patterns or designs on woodwork is mixed,rely on the arhat bed of the window, accumulate with respect to what can build a culture of tradition of a kind of Chinese style; And tie-in line the succinct, bed that has contemporary temperament collapses, criterion just like gave person visual sense to go up stay white, make bedroom individual character bright. A palace lantern of bright Morpheus area is nodded in dusk, read extensively Gu Jin, among them lasting appeal not character is axiomatic.

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