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Household decorates a year a fashion colour- - blow what wind again this year
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The family is decorated nowadays medium building materials, design and adorn article as dress same, one year a style, one year a kind of popularity. Accordingly someone says, decorate and the car is same, begin to devalue namely since the day that buys. How let oneself decorate both neither to need to repeat investment, can you avoid very fast fogyism again?

To consumer, below the circumstance that decorates a budget to allow, the choice has lead consciousness when building materials of household articles for use, furniture, doing what suit most to decorate ability is the key that realizes an outfit to keep a cost.

Short-term inside the building materials that still keeps a cost and design

Mix oil: This kind makes the room appears fully, expanse decorates a design brightly more and more get of people love, and its color is rich, provided larger choice space for owner and stylist. Will tell to consumer, in furniture changeless premise falls, can be arranged follow one's inclinationsly or change indoor colour, can bring different adornment result to the bedroom, and cost is not high, more economy is substantial.

Nature is lubricious: The furniture of log color, self-colored decorates material to be popular, without gorgeous colour, did not decorate too much, return material with instinctive quality, already natural, pollute without chemistry again, it is healthy and fashionable choice. And after period of time if see be bored with, still can buy him coating to start work, color anew afresh, have a kind of new feeling again.

Network line: The application as the network is wider and wider, some consumer need sets network line in the place such as study, sitting room, can get online in much place thereby, even somebody still arranges a big platform in toilet piscina edge, the information on the net can be browsed when rest.

Cloth art product: Can the as the change of seasonal, mood soft adornment product that changes exterior colour and lustre and pattern at any time, wait like sofa, curtain, antependium, make fashionable life much a choice.

Stay white: Outfit is in the home is decorated in, staying is the most insurable in vain the adornment gimmick of the value. It is to leave imaginary room, 2 it is to be in the future upgrade replacement takes enough space, and need not extra expenditure. If the ground in the bedroom decorates material to was not chosen,time, a carpet is spread in the head of a bed, enough keeps out, in the future redo arrangement.

Classic furniture: Modelling is chic have again collect value, can decorate already, can keep a cost again, kill two birds with one stone. If buy annatto high-grade archaize furniture, should according to economic atmosphere, can consider to be bought group by group; And the furniture that need not fear place is bought does not deserve to cover or have moss-grown, devalueing problem, actually classic furniture is in forever popular.
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